First of the Year

Happy New and all that. Our first freelance gig of the year came in the shape of The Brand Nursery and our old mad as a Russian van colleague from Poulters James Acton. Obviously we can't tell you what we were working on but it was two awesome projects and we canny wait for them to come out. To be honest all the stuff coming out of The Brand Nursery is pretty special these days. Blue chip clients and not a hint of 'my Uncle's got a warehouse that exports chicken bits, could we do something for them?'. Well that's about it on the work front. However across the road from The Brand Nursery you'll see one of the finest sights in Leeds (see pic above). Waiting for your special and chips sir? May we suggest a rub down while you wait? Burger and Baps? Fanny Batter anyone?

1 comment:

  1. Long gone are the days of 29 pints of mild and a tattoed woman - these days it's a pickled egg, a wally (a london term - dare you to find out what it means), plaice and chips and lessons in Latvian. 100% class in a glass... Never knock the Sauna...