Give me a break

Holidays. A great chance to get away from work and recharge the batteries for a new year ahead. Or that's what I thought anyway. But on a recent trip away, it was as if someone knew I was a copywriter. And in their eyes I was slacking. Clearly they were not going to let me escape that easily.

Now, when I first stepped onto the plane and noticed that my headrest had been branded with a little message, I have to admit, I was quite charmed. It had a nice, dry tone of voice that suited the Icelandic people, it showed some wit, and it also gave me a few historical facts to boot. Lovely.

But pretty soon it began to get to me. Even 20 thousand miles up in the sky I couldn't escape from this incessant branding. It seemed to be everywhere.

Now, I know what they were trying to do and in one sense it's admirable. They wanted to give their brand a consistent, approachable tone of voice, so that I'd warm to them. And that's great. But have they forgotten that their brand already has a voice? Lots of them in fact. They're called the cabin crew. And if I want to hear them, I'll speak to them, thank you very much.

It's bad enough when some bore sat next to you wants to talk throughout the journey. But a napkin? A NAPKIN? Come on.

Eh sorry. Maybe I just need another holiday.


  1. Theres a line that they appear to have crossed in privacy from branding.

    Interesting how people like Innocent tend to get it right.

  2. So fucking with you on this.