Noth v Saff

There's a new post on Scamps blog featuring a heat graph where figures about agency's incomes are compared to their comparitive creativeness. The graph features a number of agencies, including a fair few regional ones. What started as a post about facts unsurprisingly became a comparison between Noth v Saff agencies in the comments section. It leads us to a few questions...

Are London agencies more creative than their regional counterparts? Is it simply down to clients? Briefs? Creatives? Money? Would Cadbury's have got a 'gorilla' if, instead of going to Fallon, they'd have gone to Flatcap & Flatcap Creative? And if the client had chosen a Northern agency would they have wanted a 'gorilla' in the first place? We've heard of clients that like a Northern agency because they see it as more of a collaborative process, which with the right client can be fine. But, often it can sound worryingly like they feel they have more of a chance to steamroller their opinions through.

And does it really matter where you are anymore? "Virtual agencies" like Stiff Rowlands and People, Ideas & Culture seem to be popping up. Maybe in these times of recession this is the way forward. Afterall, we all start with a brief and a blank piece of paper, so why should it matter where we are sat?

Sod it. Lets just have a Noth v Saff competition on the same brief. Could work...could be tasty.

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