Paper Scissors Stone Party

Featuring top furniture design, music, fashion, books and limited prints from some of our favourite designers and illustrators, we don’t need an excuse to pop into the Paper Scissors Stone store in Leeds.

So it was good to hear they were having a party where we had a chance to win a signed print by co-owner, Si Scott.

Then they said that Si Scott would also be drawing live as well as displaying his original artwork and studies for the prints.

Oh, and they’d also be throwing in free booze and money off all those nice books and furniture.

Needless to say, we camped out in a Michal Jackson style for a few days to make sure we could get a ticket. And we weren't disappointed. So thanks for a top night guys. Great to see top quality stuff like it in Leeds.

The only thing that could have made it any better is if we’d actually remembered to bring a camera so we could show you.

Oh dear. We'd never make it as journalists.

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