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We were looking at The Drum forum the other day and found a bit of interesting debate...'Which agencies in Leeds are doing good work'. After a few posts someone calling themselves 'Ad Doctor" came up with this:

I think more should be done to actively encourage higher levels of creativity (not just in Leeds) but throughout the industry. One idea would be to make 'Creativity' a measurable part of the annual top 100 agency list. This would not only encourage more work to a higher creative standard, but give potential clients a better gauge as to what standard of work they can expect from an agency. Here's my rough grading system...

Chip shop award - 0.5 points.

Cream award - 2 points.
Cream award Grand Prix - 4 points.
Roses Gold - 7 points.
Roses Grand Prix - 10 points.
Creative circle - 15 points
D&AD in book - 15 points.
D&AD Nomie - 25 points.
D&AD Pencil - (50 points at the very least) D&AD Black Pencil? (There's little point in working this one out really. It's too huge in scale and proportion).

Anyway, back to the point. This would soon sort the men out from the boys and begin to really show who is really walking the walk when it comes to delivering a successful and exciting product in today's stale regional market place. I think this new ruling should come into play as soon as possible.

It leads to a few interesting thoughts. Do we need this? Would this work? Would it mean more creative work? Would clients want more awards? Would account people suddenly give a shit about winning awards? It'd be interesting to see Belford and Roberts' scores eh?

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