The Scum Also Rises

Set in a fictional ad agency, The Scum Also Rises is a newly commissioned BBC comedy. Out in the autumn, it's apparently going to chronicle the under-worked and overpaid agency staff as they spend all day trying to persuade people to buy things they don’t want with money they don’t have. But who knows, it might show them in a less positive light too.

Still there's no need to panic. TV usually gets advertising completely wrong, doesn't it?

Well maybe. Except that the "fictional" agency in question this time is called HHH&H and a quick search shows that the writer, Jonathon Thake, used to produce some great work at the not entirely dissimilar sounding HHCL.

Oh dear. Our families might just be about to find out a bit more about what we spend our days doing. And we'll be yearning for the days when they just didn't quite get it once more.

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