Tactics tactics

In football good tactics require good management, it's the same in advertising. If a tactical ad is being done it needs to be on the money, no room for error and be done quickly with maximum effect. It's usually the sign of good clients and more importantly good account managers that you get a tactical ad run. We've had a a few ideas in the past which basically fell flat because nobody in the agency could be arsed to run them. We like tactical ads because they're of the now and in the publics mind but like Scamp said "You can sense the Client and the Agency feeling delighted with themselves because they managed to get an ad out so quickly... but if it's a shit ad, it's a shit ad."

With that in mind we say well done to TBWA Manchester for getting a Jessops tactical ad out, (the image is apparently a recently taken holiday picture by a couple who also managed to capture the attention of a curious squirrel as they waited on the timed picture setting) it's just a shame that it wasn't particularly on the money.

We're not going to go delve into the ad and make harsh comments like others we're simply going to show other tactical ads that do it better.

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