Rubbing Shoulders with Charles Xavier

That's right, we're heading back to Hudderfield University to work with with final year students on the Advertsing Design course. Really looking forward to it as it a bit of a new venture for the University. The idea being that we can illustrate and introduce the transition from education to industry. Initially we'll be doing a talk on who we are, our work, how we got to where we are from University and what we do on a daily basis in this carazy world of Advertising.

We'll then be going on to set 5 briefs over 5 weeks. We've got some great stuff lined up, with the intention being that the students will have some great pieces of work to go in their book for when they go out into the big bad world.

Hopefully we'll see some great stuff, and possibly be able to put it on here. Right, where's that blazer with the leather arm patches?

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