Copywriters have spellcheck. Models have photoshop. Talentless Americans have Auto-Tune. And now thanks to T-Pain's iPhone app, we can all be just as talentless. Hmmm. Thanks T-Pain.

Using the actual Auto-Tune technology created by Antares Audio Technologies, the app lets users sing along to lyrics and instrumental tracks with the help of the auto-pitch correction technology.

Not sure if it's the Death of Auto-Tune, the overkill, or the punch in the face to the annoying kid who won't stop using it on the train while you're trying to concentrate. Probably all three. Anyway, it's bound to be big so expect to hear it soon. Sorry.

Although on a brighter note, if we can all use it, perhaps it makes all the current batch of singers who favour it out of a job? And at least the news sounds better with it.

Perhaps it's not such a bad thing after all.

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