How to watch ads...or not

T'other night I was watching Flashforward - it came to the ad break and I was just getting up to make a brew when the first ad on the TV caught my eye. It drew me in, got me excited, looked great on me big telly, and made me sit back down. It was the new Guinness ad. To be honest the ad didn't mean a great deal to me (I'm sure Brazier gives a flying shit). But then it got me thinking. I saw this ad on the Campaign site a week or so back but didn't watch it, so the TV was the first time I saw it. Would I have stayed to watch this ad and initially been drawn in if I'd watched it on my laptop rather than the TV?

You see, as creatives, often we watch and make judgements on ads while watching them on some blog or website, rather than the actual place they are made for, the TV. Would we like as many ads as we do these days if we only saw them on the TV? - maybe that's why there feels like there were more classic ads back in the day, it was more exciting to see them on TV, there was excitement when you saw them as you didn't know when you were going to see them next. No YouTube or brandrepublic to see them whenever we wanted.

Granted, I wouldn't have seen some of my favourite ads without the joys of the Internet, I suppose I'm just saying maybe we should judge these ads in the place they are supposed to be seen rather than on the web.

Jesus, that's as intellectual as I get, need a rest now. Cheers, Ben


  1. Your probably right. Just like a great song can be ruined by a rubbish youtube video, I expect a great ad can be too. just try and watch that dunlop ad from a few years ago... it hurts the eyes! Good excuse to make my flatmate turn off the ex-box (cos he's on it so much it causes girls to break up with him, y'know).