The ball-ache time of the year

When it comes to agency Christmas cards/self promotions these three executions from AKQA, The Chase and W+K stick in the mind, love 'em.

Yes, it's that time of year when agencies realise they haven't thought about a Christmas card yet and unload it on the creative department to get them out of the shit.

The conversation would go like this... "Has anybody had any ideas for a Christmas card for the agency" - "No, have you written a brief?" (you don't really need one but it seems only fair) "No we haven't, can you just have a think as we need to send it out in a few days, and that includes production" - "OK, cheers, it's top of my list" Then someone would say "Just do something award winning". Yeah, beauty. I'll finish off this brief, have me lunch, do an award winning card, then get the 6.25 train home as it's Champions League Tueasday. Piece o' Piss.

I guess what i'm saying is, are we doing them as an automatic reaction to Christmas? Would a client sack you if you didn't send them a card? Are you doing a Christmas card to say Merry Christmas because you mean it? Doing a Christmas card to win awards? Or doing one because everybody else is? We did our poster for the simple fact of trying to get more work and keeping our name front of mind with Creative Directors and Creative Services, plus it was an enjoyable thing to do.

Fuck, I've even made meself miserable typing about this. Right that's enough, any other good Christmas ideas post 'em up. Cheers, Ben.

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