Maiden Voyage

Well, it's the first post. Feel like we should smash a Champagne bottle over the MacBook, then again, think we'll just have a brew and chink mugs. So we're Ben&James, a freelance team since July when our old agency, Poulters, went under. We'll be posting stuff about ads, things we do when we're freelancing, things we do when we're not, creative stuff and generally anything that takes our fancy. First up, a shameless bit of self promotion. With help from Andy Smith, we've just mailed out our first Ben&James poster. Tell us what you think, if your nice we might even send you one, 2nd class mind, we're in a credit crunch and all that. Speak soon, cheers.


  1. Do you have any of these left guys? We'd love one.


  2. Aye up fellas, yeah i'm sure we've got some left, email your address to us and we'll send one out