Ben&James have their first official charity. We'll be supporting The Lee Barker Kick Cancer Trust. It's a really good cause and one we are proud to have created the identity for.

Lee was eventually diagnosed with stomach cancer in January 2008 after many months of increasing pain, weight loss and symptoms that should have had the alarm bells ringing when he visited his doctor and the A&E department. He was turned away every time, probably because of his age and physical appearance (Lee is a 29 year old Personal trainer): the old norm that gastric cancer only happens in people over 50 years of age. He endured 9 weeks of IV chemotherapy, then surgery to remove most of his stomach, then another 9 weeks of IV chemotherapy. Sadly he now has tumours pressing on his bowel and what is left of his stomach. Doctors here in England do not feel there are any options left in terms of treatment for Lee.

The aim is to raise around £15,000 to enable Lee to travel to the Oasis of Hope Hospital in America. Here he will be able to receive the latest treatments, conventional therapy (chemotherapy) alongside Integrative Therapy, Lee will receive 30 days all inclusive treatment and a 30 day treatment package to bring home with him.

Lee and his partner, Kelly, are expecting their 1st daughter on 4th April 2009. March 15th will see Lee celebrate his 30th birthday.

So instead of going to Pret at lunchtime, take a Greggs trip and donate the difference via the website or please just donate what you can. We are also helping with a fund-raising evening on the 21st March. There's going to be an auction so if you or anybody you know could donate something for people to bid on that would be awesome.

If you want more info there is a Facebook group where you can see all the various events being organised or you can get in touch with us or email

Thanks for reading and lets kick seven bells out of this cancer.


  1. Do you know if he has a Just Giving page? I'm in Australia and don't think I can do an overseas bank transfer easily but I donate to friends in the UK who do marathons etc and use Just Giving...

  2. Hi Angus, I think they're in the process of setting it up, i definately know they are aware of it. I'll have another word with them. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. Cheers, Ben

  3. Awesome, thanks Ben, I'll look out for it.