Conquests of an advertising man

We’ve always found The Metro to be a paper that gets right to the facts. So it was good to see an article recently, which said that we were magnets to the opposite sex.

And it’s true, as anyone who knows us will tell you. We are love gods. Admittedly love gods with a slight resemblance to Alf Roberts and Billy Crystal, but love gods nether the less.

… Okay to be fair it’s not just us. All copywriters and art directors are apparently. Alongside musicians and artists, "those on the creative side of advertising get the most sex, with twice as many sexual encounters as the general population."

Who needs chat up lines. We got strap lines.

If we are completely honest, we are not 100% sure if this stacks up. But it's always good to be proved wrong. Maybe we've just been working in the wrong places. Is there nothing that gets the girls going like your extended sales letter? Does your strip ad drive them wild?


  1. I read the same article. Im still studying the profession so am yet to lay the strap lines on them. I wish things were more like they were in Don Drapers day - I love scotch and heavy set, chain smoking, women.

  2. Damn right Joe. 4 words. Don. Draper's. Wife. Ooooooph.